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A Grave Setting

Who needs a church for a wedding ceremony when you could use a graveyard?

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Frighteningly Inviting

Halloween-themed wedding invites don't have to be cheesy; go with a vintage-looking letterpress to set a classy tone.

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Haunted Mansion

It's all about location, location, location. And a New Orleans manor that looks eerily similar to Disneyland's Haunted Mansion is just the ticket!

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Thrilling First Dance

A first dance wouldn't be complete without a little "Thriller" thrown in!

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Party Time!

You can still dress traditionally for the ceremony, but let loose for the reception by having everyone change into costumes!

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Cemetery Junction

If you're going to do a day-after, trash the dress shoot, go big or go home with face paint and a creepy cemetery locale.

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Lighten Up

An Oct. 31 wedding doesn't have to be dark, black, and somber to have the holiday's essence. Switch things up by using white predominately with pops of orange and black. The effect is elegant and chic.

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Pumpkin Places

Mini pumpkins are perfect for table assignment cards and can double as favors!

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No Bones About It

Now this is how you do a Dia de los Muertos wedding: skeleton face paint, black leather, and an ornate cathedral. Not for the faint of heart!

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Color Me Orange

If you aren't up for the deathly details, keep it simple and modern with the holiday's black and orange color scheme.

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Day of the Dead

If your wedding falls on the day after Halloween, on the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos, add a cultural twist to your big day by adding "day of the dead" details like masks and skulls.

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A Burton Big Day

If there's any filmmaker who encapsulates the Halloween spirit, it's the man behind Corpse Bride and The Nightmare Before Christmas, Tim Burton. Adding touches from his films adds a spooky yet whimsical feeling to your wedding.

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Bold and Beautiful

Celebrate your wedding in Day of the Dead style by using a rainbow of colors on everything from your flags, roses, centerpieces, and skeleton cake toppers.

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Play Dress-Up

Your wedding can be classic and traditional, but be sure to at least have a huge box of costumes, masks, and props for the photo booth and reception. Your guests will love it!

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Make It Rustic

Even a Halloween wedding can have a country-rustic atmosphere with vintage details and a woodsy location. Use retro Halloween motifs on your goodie bags — trick or treat!

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Deviled Desserts

Devi's delight? Ghoulish ganache? We love the idea of getting punny and making guests think twice before biting into decadent desserts.

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