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A Forest Setting

If industrial isn't your thing, having your big day out in a forest will be reminiscent of Katniss and Gale's sweet moments together hunting outside the gates of District 12. Bonus if there's a lake!

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Wedding Cake

Make a big impact with your sweet ending by having a Hunger Games wedding cake — complete with a mockingjay and deadly berries. It would also make a great groom's cake!

Image Source: Pikko's House
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Tote Favors

These Hunger Games Love Tote Bags ($13) would be great wedding or bachelorette party favors, especially if you stocked them with local snacks, maps, and travel tips for out-of-town guests.

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An Industrial Setting

From District 12 to the training center, many of the settings in The Hunger Games have an industrial feel. Give your big day the same vibe by choosing an urban venue that's a bit off the beaten path.

Image Source: Michèle M. Waite
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Woodland Cake

This Hunger Games-inspired wedding shoot resembles a forest and is topped with crossed arrows.

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Bride on Fire

For truly bold brides, go with a flaming red or orange dress inspired by the fire dress that Cinna designs for Katniss.

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Book Page Bouquet

Carry this bouquet made from The Hunger Games book pages ($185) for a nontraditional twist on flowers.

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Necklace Party Favors

Your bridal shower guests will get a little ode to Katniss with these arrow and moss necklaces ($26) as party favors.

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Yellow Dandelions

Be sure to incorporate yellow dandelions into your wedding or party decor as an ode to Peeta's influence on Katniss: "What I need is the dandelion in the Spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction."

Image Source: Shutterstock
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Signature Side Braid

To really channel Katniss on your wedding day, you have to have one long side braid. Learn how to get Katniss's braid on POPSUGAR Beauty!

Image Sources: Benj Haisch and Green Wedding Shoes
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Nail Art

Not brave enough to wear a wedding dress fashioned after the book series? Show some District 12 pride in a small way with Hunger Games nail art. You could incorporate the themed nail painting into your bachelorette party, too.

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Heart Confetti

Make decorative heart confetti using recycled Hunger Games books and scatter it on the tables.

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Wood-Burned Mockingjay

Use a wood-burning technique to create a rustic mockingjay prop for your tables, like in this Hunger Games-inspired wedding shoot.

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Arrow Menus

Printable arrow menus ($25) are a classy ode to the story.

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Framed Love Quotes

Frame some of the most romantic quotes from the series to add a love-filled touch to your reception tables. Here are a couple good ones:

"You love me. Real or not real?" I tell him, "Real."

"Because that's what you and I do, protect each other."

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Paper-Crane Mockingjays

Gold origami paper cranes made to resemble tiny mockingjays decorate the ceremony backdrop for this Hunger Games wedding shoot.

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Parachute Bread and Spiles

At this Hunger Games bat mitzvah party, silver parachutes with bread and spiles hung from the ceiling. Talk about an unexpected decor idea for your big-day parties.

Image Source: Mitzvah Market
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Heart Arrow Boutonniere

These gold heart arrows make a rustic and unique boutonniere idea!

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Lamb Stew

Katniss tells Caesar her favorite food at the Capitol is the lamb stew with dried plums, so what better dish to serve at your wedding or bridal shower? If lamb stew isn't your thing, take your pick from this list of Hunger Games-inspired recipes.

Image Source: Fictional Food
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Team Peeta or Gale Pins

For a bridal shower or bachelorette party, have badges made similar to these Hunger Games pins that say "Team Peeta" and "Team Gale." Let your guests choose their side when they arrive!

Image Source: Etsy user geektuary
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Bow and Arrows

Using bow and arrows as props for your eshoot is a fun way to incorporate the story. And go above and beyond like in this Hunger Games shoot with a bouquet of gold-tipped heart arrows.

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Paper Goods

If you want an inexpensive and easy way to invite your guests to your bridal shower or bachelorette party, use these free Hunger Games party printables for your invitations.

Image Source: Living Locurto
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Cupcakes on Fire

Have a professional baker or a friend with baking skills make these cupcakes on fire that take their cue from the trilogy's book covers. They'd be perfect for a bachelorette party or bridal shower.

Image Source: Fictional Food
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Wine Glasses

What better way to cheers to your new hubby than with mockingjay-adorned wine glasses? These hand-painted glasses even have Katniss and Peeta on them.

Image Source: Etsy user Calico Owls
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Oversize Book Posters

Another cool idea from this Hunger Games bat mitzvah party is huge posters of the trilogy's book covers. These would be great as backdrops for a wedding or bridal shower photo booth!

Image Source: Mitzvah Market
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Fire Centerpieces

Take a cue from this Hunger Games bat mitzvah party and set your centerpieces on fire with fake flames. You could also add some real fire to the reception or bridal shower with fire pits or fire dancers!

Image Source: Mitzvah Market
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Cupcake Toppers

Something similar to these Hunger Games cupcake toppers would be perfect for a bridal shower!

Image Source: Etsy
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Mockingjay Water Bottles

Keep your guests hydrated during the games wedding or bridal party with mockingjay water bottle favors!

Image Source: Caplan Miller Events
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Numbered Cakes

Get your dessert in on The Hunger Games action in a subtle way by having a numbered cake for each district, or just do a District 12 cake.

Image Source: Love & Olive Oil
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Peeta's Bread

Serve some Peeta-inspired bread during your reception — just don't burn it!

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Watercolor Arrow Invitations

Incorporate arrows subtly in your paper design to give your invites a hint of Hunger Games.

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Channeling Katniss

You may not be up for the Katniss look on your big day like in this Hunger Games-inspired wedding shoot, but you can channel Katniss at a camping-themed bachelorette party by taking archery lessons with your girlfriends. It's an outdoorsy twist on the standard girls' night!

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