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Go Sailing

If you live by the water, take a sail or a sunset cruise and breathe in that ocean air.

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Go to an Outdoor Concert

Most bands and artists tour during the Spring so treat each other to tickets to your favorite show.

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Plan a Picnic

Plan a picnic on a lazy Sunday. Pack some non-perishable foods and enjoy the sunshine all day if you can. Take a nap, read a book, or challenge each other to a game of Scrabble.

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Shuck Your Own Oysters

Although you can eat oysters year-round, I love eating them in the sunshine with a nice glass of white wine. And oysters are not only an aphrodisiac, they're fun to shuck too!

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Sit at an Outdoor Cafe

Grab an appetizer and a glass of wine at an outdoor cafe after work, or enjoy the sunshine over a long leisurely lunch.

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Go to a Street Fair

Spring and Summer are also fair season, so spend the afternoon with your date and bring out the inner child in each other!

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Go Hiking

Get active and take your significant other on a hike.

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What's Your Favorite Outdoor Date Idea?

These all sound fantastic, but tell us, which is your favorite outdoor date idea?

Source: Instagram user hector9510
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