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Adland Gal

This funny video pokes fun at all the clichés of women in food-related commercials, drawing attention to things like skinny models, giant cupcakes, and "smug smiles."

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Sloth Snuggles With Cat

So. Freaking. Cute. You gotta watch this affectionate sloth, Prince, hug and kiss his cat friend, Daisy.

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90-Year-Old Grandma Amazed by 3D Goggles

This video of a 90-year-old grandma trying out the Oculus Rift headset is absolutely adorable. While taking a 3D CGI virtual demo that tours Tuscany, she lets out our favorite granny phrases like "you bet your bottom dollar" and "holy mackerel!"

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My Crazy Obsession: Pet Squirrel

And you thought cat ladies were crazy. This lady, who was featured on My Crazy Obsession, spends thousands of dollars dressing up and photographing her pet squirrel, Sugar Bush. Needless to say, she seems a little nutty.

Source: TLC
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I Shipped My Pants Ad

This Kmart ad that plays on the phrase "ship my pants" went viral with its silly concept, but we're not gonna lie, it's giggle worthy.

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Coachella Rave Dad

The coolest cat at Coachella this year? It would have to be Coachella Rave Dad, who dances his booty off here and here.

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Puppy Stuck in a Bowl

This cuddly Chow puppy is a ball of cuteness as he attempts to get out of a bowl.

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Adam Scott Is Not Amused With Adam Scott

Hot Australian golfer Adam Scott hit a hole in one with women everywhere when he won the Masters, but there ensued a slew of jokes comparing him to the Parks and Recreation star with the same name. Actor Adam tweeted, "this is fun," and then he went on Conan to vent about the jokes.

Source: TBS
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Anne Frank as a Belieber

Justin Bieber visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, leaving a cringe-worthy message on the museum's guestbook: "Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber." The statement obviously spurred an Anne Frank belieber meme.

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Awkward Book Display

Ha! Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In should be displayed leaning in, as we saw in this Twitter snap.

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