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Bridal Mad Libs

You can never go wrong with a game of Mad Libs ($12). This version is about bridal advice for the couple and will be a fun keepsake for the bride to look back on.

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He Said . . . She Said

Have guests guessing about the bride and groom with this he said, she said game ($20). The template is completely customizable and will get the stories flowing.

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Word Search

Get guests ready to celebrate with a wedding word search ($7). The first lady to complete the puzzle wins a prize. We love the custom monogrammed touch on this printable, too.

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Bridal Bingo

Turn bridal gifts into a game with bridal bingo ($5). Have your guests mark off the gifts as the bride-to-be open them. Use a pen or candy to mark the squares. Five in a row wins!

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Here Comes the Bride

For this fun game ($5), the results rely on answers from the groom. Disclaimer: guys can be tricky!

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Do You Know the Bride?

How well do you know the bride ($10)? This fun and easy game will certainly lead to a trip down memory lane and tons of laughs.

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Crossword Puzzle

The perfect icebreaker, you'll definitely get guests talking with this cute and custom crossword puzzle ($16).

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What's in Your Purse?

Since everyone has a purse, the what's in your purse? game ($4) is a fun way to get everyone involved. Essentially, the girl with the "most baggage" takes home top honors.

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Cootie Catcher

If you're planning on throwing a '90s girl bash, then bridal cootie catchers ($25) are a must!

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Bridal Bucket List

"Before he puts a ring on it," make sure the bride has everything checked off this bucket list ($7). With activities every lady should do at least once, it's a fun way to get the conversation going and start planning for that crazy bachelorette party — sorry, Mom.

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