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Maria's OKCupid Date Disaster

My first OKCupid date is probably to this day the worst date I've ever been on. I had the guy meet me two doors down from the bar I was working at in case it went terribly/he was a total freak. He showed up to the moderately nice restaurant in a t-shirt and baggy jean shorts, was about three inches shorter than his profile claimed he was, and didn't make eye contact with me the entire time, choosing instead to play with the candle on our table. To make matters worse, there was an issue with our food, and mine came out 20 minutes before his did. The whole date was so awkward and awful that I literally jumped into a cab to get away from him at the end of the night, had it drive me around the block, and then went to the bar to drink away the anguish with my co-workers.

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