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Grace's OKCupid Switcheroo

I was at a girlfriend's house helping her shop for new OKCupid boyfriends when a handsome, bearded profile pic caught my eye. His profile was hilarious and intelligent, and I could tell he was taking the whole thing much less seriously than all the guys posting shirtless mirror selfies. His photos included one of him doing a wedding dance floor split and another with a beard full of snow captioned, "Sneard." Since I didn't have a dating profile of my own, my girlfriend ended up sending him a message on my behalf, mostly to be silly. He responded to her out of curiosity and eventually she slipped him my gmail address. We exchanged a few emails, then met on a blind date. (My first and hopefully last.)

The restaurant was awful and in a part of town that we both loathe, plus it felt like an informational interview since we knew nothing about each other. He was jaded from the online dating world, recovering from a recent catfishing incident, and I was scared of being murdered by an Internet stranger. His beef slider tasted like fish. Did I mention he was late? It's the stuff romance novels are made of. Despite the circumstances, something really clicked, and it wasn't long before we were absolutely smitten with each other. We've been inseparable since our second date and are in the process of moving into our first apartment. That first date was awkward, weird, and a bit scary, but was by far the best first date I've ever had.

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