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John's Hairy Situation

One of my most memorable dates was in high school. I went on a double date with a girl Kristen, and we set up my friend Keith with her friend Karen. Dinner was at the Rainforest Cafe, and the girls ordered salads. Karen was trying a new salad and ate about half of it until she realized it wasn't exactly to her liking. We asked if she wanted something else or part of our meals. She said, "No, that's OK, I've done this before, I'll have it taken off the menu." Karen proceeds to pick up a large forkful of salad, plucks a long hair off the top of her head, and wraps it around the salad on her fork. "Waiter, waiter, there is hair in my salad!" Karen yelled across the restaurant. Not only did they take her meal off the check, but we didn't pay for any of our meals that night. Now it may sound like Karen was the crazy one, but two weeks later I ended up dating Karen and not her friend, Kristen, my original date for the evening. 

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