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"I proposed to my GF this weekend and proceeded to drop the ring down a gopher hole"

Source: Reddit user MobyMadness via Imgur

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Someone Doesn't Care About Your Proposal

"Best marriage proposal ever"

Source: Imgur user jdew03

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Not Sure If She'll Like This Picture

"Best proposal ever."

Source: Imgur

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So Touching

"A year ago today I proposed to the love of my life...she passed away 5 days later due to Ovarian Cancer. She was only 17."

Source: Reddit user koolaidman2011 via Imgur

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But Who Will She Pick?

"Dual Proposal"

Source: Imgur user bigpaynis

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What Nerve

"This dolphin just proposed and she has the cheek to go and kiss another guy . . ."

Source: Reddit user glitterpussies via Imgur

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He "Nailed It"

"My boyfriend proposed last night! He put the ring on Orly's Kiss the Bride. How could I say no?"

Source: Reddit user Felinewarrages via Imgur

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Her Reaction = Priceless

"Proposed to my girlfriend of 6 years in a photo booth"

Source: Reddit user mitchb13 via Imgur

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"So a guy I used to work with proposed the other day . . ."

Source: Reddit user shullmaster3000 via Imgur

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How Many People Can Say They Got Engaged at the White House?

"I just witnessed what may be the first gay marriage proposal ever in the White House"

Source: Reddit user BubbaTap22 via Imgur

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Cool Proposal (Pun Intended)

"Proposed to my Girlfriend on the ice at Rockefeller Center. NBD"

Source: Imgur user imbatman58

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It Takes Teamwork

"My bestfriend proposed to his girlfriend last week with a 10-story college dormitory . . .There were about 10 of us helping him out. When he stopped her in the middle of the parking lot, he gave his speech and we all waited for the signal. When he got down on one knee, we turned each floor on in descending order with a person in the stairwell shouting to each floor when to turn their lights on."

Source: Reddit user ICanSeeYourFearBoner via Imgur

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Scuba Sweetness

"A friend proposed to his GF"

Source: Imgur user You1OutOfTheGenePool

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Street Smooch

"NYPD Officer Thomas Verni proposed to his partner Joe Moran on the streets of the West Village yesterday. Joe said yes."

Source: Imgur user he2lium

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Cutest Messenger Ever

"This is how my friend's big brother proposed to his girlfriend. How could you ever say no to that?"

Source: Reddit user puckumiss via Imgur

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Sneaky Boyfriend

Of course, we can't forget the cutest proposal GIF ever that we saw last month. "My girlfriend came to visit me while I was in Italy for work. I was pretending to take a picture of her in front of the Temple of Concord, but instead I proposed. This is her reaction."

Source: Reddit user DizzleStu via Imgur

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Pictionary Perfect

"My girlfriend of 1.5 years and I like having friends over for game night. This past Friday I proposed and this was my Pictionary-perfect proposal. (Long(est)time lurker, first post)." You have to check out photos of the whole proposal, drawing included!

Source: Reddit user justmli via Imgur

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