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What advice would you give to other brides-to-be planning a wedding?

"You don't have to necessarily spend a lot of money on your wedding details, but you should be prepared to put in the time. It was a lot of late nights with newspaper strewn across the floor and a lot of strategic storage around our one-bedroom apartment. We also looked at a lot of OK fonts, color schemes, and decor options before settling on the right ones. Shopping is hard — don't let anybody tell you different.
And planning is extremely stressful (obviously). I can see why the honeymoon period became the honeymoon period — you're finally able to relax and remember why you like each other! My best recommendation would be to take time for yourselves outside the actual planning. Having a few nights in a row off, where you just go read somewhere and enjoy not having to worry about anything, will keep you sane . . . or as sane as possible, given the circumstances."

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