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How did Ritesh propose?

"Ritesh proposed to me at the Gramercy Tavern in New York City. We often traveled to different locations to switch up traveling back and forth between Toronto and Boston; so when we initially planned the NYC trip, I thought we were just planning our typical 'let's have fun and go somewhere different' trips. Ritesh and I like to spilt the responsibility of planning an itinerary by assigning days to each other, but I became too involved with the itinerary and made it very challenging for him to do what he actually wanted to do for the proposal. Then his flight from Toronto was delayed due to a snowstorm. He managed to switch flights by showing different flight attendants my engagement ring to convince them to let him switch over to a different flight so that he could make it on time for our reservations. He managed to get on a different flight and his plane flew in 20 minutes after mine.

My proposal came at a fancy restaurant in a fortune cookie. It was perfect. The fortune cookie actually meant a lot to both of us since we always have a game around fortunes for fortune cookies. Before I had opened by cookie I remember asking Ritesh excitedly, 'what's our game for this set?' He was so nervous, but he managed to state, 'how about you read me my fortune and I will read you yours?' I began to open my fortune cookie and inside it it said, 'Ishani will you marry me?' my heart stopped and I thought he was joking. But thank goodness he wasn't and I felt a rush of emotions. Of course I said yes, after I repeatedly asked him, 'Seriously!? Really!?'"

Photo by Christian Pleva

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