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The Dress

"I went searching for dresses with my mom and sister and tried on some gorgeous gowns (as well as some awful ones), but just didn't feel like I had quite hit the nail on the head with any of them. I remember talking with my mom in the kitchen when the idea popped into my head that Los Angeles was the answer (when is it not?). I had been going about it all wrong — bridal boutiques weren't my thing and I was boggled by the price tags of something you wear once for a few hours. We headed up to LA that next morning and honed in on vintage dress stores.

As we were perusing the racks of the second store (Golyester on La Brea) we visited, my mom reached the 1920s section and held up a piece that didn't look like much on the hanger, but looked like it was my size. This particular dress had a gorgeous Champagne-colored silk slip that laid seamlessly underneath a silk organza overlay. The skirt gently passed over my hips and had a slight trumpet at the bottom and truly fit perfectly down to the centimeter. I can only imagine my expression as I swung open the dressing room curtain and stared at my mom with it on. Even better, the price tag read $350. The woman at the store came over and gushed along with my mom and I, as I twirled around and elated at the way it accentuated my bum. She brought out a handmade wax flower crown from about the same time period, and the ribbons that cascaded from the back of the crown perfectly highlighted the layered V-back dress. I had found my other soul mate."

Photos by Sam Shorey and Cara Denison