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The Look

"As soon as I was engaged, I reached out to my darling and talented friend Jacqueline Francis, who by trade is a florist but is also one of the most creative and free-flowing people I know. I don't know how many other people would have just flowed with my daily color palette changes and my (perhaps too) relaxed approach to an event that actually requires a lot of planning. I would send her emails from Hawaii with Pinterest images of floral arrangements as well as completely unrelated images that just made me happy (read: camels adorned with colorful tassels and floating markets in Thailand). She brilliantly translated all of my chaotic inspiration into something unforgettable with the help of my sweet mom, who would have to step in from time to time and remind me that my grandmother probably wouldn't be able to comfortably eat dinner on Moroccan floor pillows. Overall, we wanted people to be relaxed and to have fun. I'd venture to say Grant and I are pretty fun and relaxed people ourselves, and we wanted it to be a stress-free and memorable experience for every guest."

Photos by Sam Shorey and Cara Denison

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