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If You Love Something, Let It Go

Pacey/Joey/Dawson, Dawson's Creek: There will always be the traditionalists who love Dawson and Joey together, and then there are those who couldn't stand a second more of the angsty dramatics (Dawson's cry face, am I right?) and rooted for the less conventional pairing of Pacey and Joey. These three all go their separate ways to pursue their dreams, and Pacey tells Joey that he won't ever hold her back, which frees her to choose between Dawson and Pacey or to choose neither (yeah, right — it's Pacey for the win). This love triangle, while giving us the secret hope that one day two guys would fight over us, also taught us a realistic lesson: love has many ups and downs, but in the end you have to follow the path you choose for yourself, even if it means that someone else gets hurt. Better luck next time, Dawson.

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