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The Yo-Yo

It's OK, we all go there. And then back again. Maybe a few times . . .

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The Ghost

No Facebook, no Instagram, no Twitter. The guy fell off the the face of the planet after you broke up.

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The Friend

It may have been rough for a little while post-breakup, but you two managed to work things out, and you're better friends than ever now.

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The Analyzer

The ex that needs to understand every aspect of the breakup and wants to rehash it all.

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The Jerk

Need we say more?

Source: MTV

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The Wronged

You admit it; this one was on you.

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The Clinger

Late-night texts, weird calls with heavy breathing on the other end, long emails.

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The One That Got Away

If you knew then what you know now . . .

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The Married Ex

You're not bitter; you're happy for him. So. Happy.

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The Ex-Boyfriend With a New Boyfriend

Hopefully you saw that one coming.

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The Teacher

The ex who taught you more about yourself than you ever knew.

Source: ABC Family

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