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You got the middle school pep talk from your parents when you stressed about not being more like your bustier friends.
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You look up to famous women who share your small boob status.

Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, and Kate Hudson . . . we're talking to you!

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You mastered the art of stuffing around age 13.
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Running, jumping, and general movement is never painful, even without a bra on.
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The letter A means something different to you than it does to most people.
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You cherish the wonderful moment when you find the shirt or dress that makes your boobs look bigger.
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Most strapless bras and bathing suits are unwearable, because there is basically nothing there to hold them up.
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No bra? No problem.
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You are constantly trying to make cleavage happen.

Alas, it still eludes us!

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You save money on bras because you’ve been wearing the same ones since you hit puberty.
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You want to get pregnant because it means going up in the breast-size department.

Oh, and babies are cool, too . . .

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Victoria's Secret doesn't carry anything smaller than a 34B in their lingerie pieces, so you have to search elsewhere.

Really, VS? Not cool.

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Sagging will never be an issue.

Perky for life!

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You avoid boob-related accidents and unintentional swipes from strangers, because there's not much to hit!
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Sleeping or lying on your stomach is a nonissue. In fact, it's quite comfy.
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You feel a deep bond with other members of the IBTC.
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You rock your other assets extra hard.
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You've learned to love what you've got! Small boobs are awesome!

All boobs are awesome!

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