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Vintage Locket With Note

This DIY vintage locket hides a sweet accordion note, personalized for each girl. It's small on price and effort, but big on sentimentality.


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Dip-Dyed Journals

I'm a sucker for tiny gifts, and these pretty little journals are just right! At only $18 for a pack of four, they are an inexpensive option for a big wedding party. I'd write a little note in the first page of each, maybe even include a wallet-sized picture of the two of you from the wedding (if given after the big day).

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Hair Accessories

From bejeweled bobby pins to feather hairpieces like these handmade headbands ($34), a snazzy hair adornment is a lot easier to wear after the wedding than that bridesmaid dress (we promise).

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Fun Clutches

Some bright, springy clutches ($54) would be perfect for stashing lip gloss, tissues, and breath mints the day of the wedding, and they aren't too stuffy to be used after the fact!

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Make-a-Wish Necklace

A cute, little necklace ($30) with a sweet note meant just for bridesmaids.

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