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Pick the Wedding Party You Want

If all your close friends are guys or you have a lot of brothers, why should you limit yourself to bridesmaids? There's no rule that wedding parties have to be segregated by gender, equal on both sides, or hampered by other restrictions. Choose the people closest to each of you.

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Wear Your Favorite Color

Brides didn't wear white until relatively recently, after Queen Victoria set the trend. So if white washes out your complexion or you want to wear your favorite color instead, just do it. If you're really brave, you could even go black like Avril Lavigne did at her recent wedding.

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Have a Loved One Marry You

If you're not having a religious ceremony that doesn't mean you have to hire a justice of the peace or other officiant you barely know. Many of my friends have had close friends or family conduct their wedding ceremonies, which makes for a very personal, nongeneric experience. If that's what you choose to do, here are some tips on having a loved one officiate your wedding.

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Walk Down the Aisle to a Significant Song

If Pachelbel's Canon lacks significance for you and your groom, why not walk down the aisle and make your exit to a song that means something to both of you? A nontraditional choice can make a wedding interesting. Your big day playlist is your oyster.

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Incorporate Your Hobbies

Chances are, you and your fiancé share some common interests, so make them into decorating motifs. Whether you love Scrabble or you're both bookworms, start with your passions and go from there.

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Serve Your Favorite Foods

One of my least favorite things about some weddings is a bland buffet dinner and standard wedding cake. So if you, too, don't look forward to the traditional eats, serve something you and your partner really love. From your favorite local food truck to signature cocktails named for the bride and groom, food is a fun way to make the party your own.

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