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15-Pound Baby Born

Baby Born Weighing 15 Pounds 7 Ounces

How much did your baby weigh at birth? We're guessing not as much as newborn George King!

As Yahoo! Shine reports, the British newborn surprised parents and doctors alike with his size, a whopping 15 pounds and 7 ounces. After you try to picture what a 15-pound baby looks like, consider that he was delivered vaginally! Because George's size was unexpected, the birth had frightening complications, with George getting stuck at the shoulders and deprived of oxygen for five minutes. Thankfully, he and mom are now doing well.

Keep reading to get the details (Yahoo! Shine).

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EmmaAdams85840 EmmaAdams85840 3 years
woa over twice the birth weight of my 3 year old.glad mother and baby are doing well.x
Elisabeth60124 Elisabeth60124 3 years
Wow! Mine was only 11'1 and I had him vaginally also. I am glad I didn't have any complications. That would have been scary. I am happy the mother and baby are doing well now.
jennifer14 jennifer14 3 years
beautiful baby, congratulations , 15 ib 7 oz's that's big , hope mother and baby are well ...
AmandaBreidenbach AmandaBreidenbach 3 years
My First Baby was 9 lbs and 39 weeks, baby #2 was 10 lbs at 36.6 weeks and baby #3 was 11 lbs at 38 weeks. I am fully expecting my next baby to be 12 lbs since they each grew a pound bigger then the last. Im.scared if i have any more then 1 more baby lol
EmilyJones EmilyJones 3 years
Wow! Its funny; my almost two year old weights just a few pounds heavier than this baby. But then again, she was only 6 lbs at birth.
KristyThomas46566 KristyThomas46566 3 years
Wow. I had little bitties compared to that. My first was 5lbs 9oz and my second was 4lbs 10oz. All natural. Kudos to her. That would be hard.
tinadesnoyers tinadesnoyers 3 years
all my girls were under 7 pounds and i thought i was dying...wtg mom i would of ripped apart :(
KizzyJames KizzyJames 3 years
My last baby weighed in at 9 lbs 6 ounces and that was all natural. So kudos to this mother because that is a big baby! I am glad mother and baby are doing well. My second was a bit tricky as she was oxygen deprived and we had no idea she would make it or not and she weighed 7 lbs 6 ounces. So I said that to say that each bay is a miracle as well as a blessing...
Jan14362676 Jan14362676 3 years
My daughter had a planned unassisted birth (I was the only one with her) and her third "little" guy weighed in at 13 lbs 2 oz. Her doctor was upset because he would have gotten recognition if he had delivered a baby that large but she was determined to do it naturally and at home without medical intervention (unless necessary). I'm still amazed that she managed to maintain control and work her way through a home delivery w/o meds and hop in the shower about an hour afterward. What an experience for us both!!!! But, even so, more than 2 lbs more would have been unbelievably difficult without assistance. I'm thankful the mom and baby are doing well!!!
BrittanyShea41298 BrittanyShea41298 3 years
My 2nd daughter was 9lbs 11oz and that was a shock to us since I am not very big myself. however almost 16lbs is huge!! Poor momma!
sarinapierce sarinapierce 3 years
Oh son was 11pds and was delivered vaginally. But I could not imagine any bigger.
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