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The 20 Least Favorite Baby Names

The 20 Least Favorite Baby Names

Just because a name is common doesn't mean it's well liked! One reason baby names are so endlessly fascinating is because we all have such unique (and often strong) opinions. Circle of Moms members have been weighing in on whether they like thousands of baby names, and we've been tallying the votes.

Based on the results, here are the 10 least favorite baby names for girls and boys.

The 10 Least Favorite Girls' Names

1. Pamela

2. Brenda

3. Nancy

4. Regina

5. Sandra

6. Wendy

7. Ruth

8. Patricia

9. Becky

10. Susan

The 10 Least Favorite Boys' Names

1. Alfie

2. Larry

3. Walter

4. Arthur

5. Roger

6. Lachlan

7. Frank

8. Jerry

9. Harry

10. Bruce

Why Don't Moms Like These Names?

Interestingly, unique spellings and gender-neutral names completely evaded this list! Instead, the least favorite girls names are largely names that were once incredibly popular—in the late 1930s-1960s, but which have now fallen drastically out of favor. According to the Social Security Administration's name data:

  • Patricia was in the top 5 girls names from the late 1930s through early 1950s,
  • Susan was a top 5 name from the late 1940s through the early 1960s,
  • Nancy and Sandra were both top 10 names throughout the 1940s, and
  • Pamela and Brenda ranked among the top 20 most popular girls names during the 1950s and early 60s,

On the boys' side, a similar trend holds: Again according to Social Security Administration's name data, Larry was a top 10 name from 1937-55, and Roger hovered around #25 for the entire duration of the 40s.  Names ending with “-arry” (as in Larry, Jerry, and Harry) were also especially popular in the 1950s but are no longer trendy. In 2010, not a single “-erry” ending name made the boys' top 50 names list.

Significantly, those mid-century boy names are joined on the least-favorite list by even more old-fashioned names. Frank, Walter and Arthur peaked in popularity between the 1880s and 1920s, and Alfred (related to Alfie) has been on the decline since 1882. The only equally old-fashioned name on the girls' chart is Ruth, which was in the Top 10 from the late 19th century through 1930.

Apparently many modern moms have an antipathy for names strongly associated with much older generations.

Do you dislike old-fashioned baby names?

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared under the title "The 20 Most-Hated Baby Names," and has been changed to more accurately reflect the way the lists were assembled. The names that appear above are not necessarily uncommon or unversally disliked; they are simply the names that Circle of Moms members chose the most infrequently when asked to vote on their favorite names.

Image Source: Sam Howzit via Flickr/Creative Commons

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