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4-Year-Old's Rant: "Why Do All The Girls Have To Buy Pink Stuff?" (VIDEO)

4-Year-Old's Rant: "Why Do All The Girls Have To Buy Pink Stuff?" (VIDEO)

4-Year-Old's Rant: "Why Do All The Girls Have To Buy Pink Stuff?" (VIDEO)

"Why do all the girls have to buy princesses? Some girls like superheros!" 4-year-old Riley asks her dad as the two are shopping for toys in the girls' section of a toy store.

The adorable little girl's rant, about how toy companies "trick girls into buying the pink stuff," has been going viral in the last few days and has revived the discussion over how toys reinforce gender stereotypes.

Image Source: dbarry1917 via YouTube

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omg this brought tears to my eyes
omg this is soo cute
CoMMember1363088194357 CoMMember1363088194357 5 years
There are plenty of 'gender neutral' toys out there. Toy companies that are big companies will always have pink toys for girls and blue toys for boys, there's nothing wrong with that. Kids are kids and will play with anything, it's the adults that start the warping process by saying something about it. This little girl did not wake up one day and think this up on her own. Adults in her life mentioned something around her and she came up with this rant, probably similar to her daddy's rant that she overheard. At this age, who cares what they play with? As long as they are learning and being polite and sharing, all the good qualities needed to be a well rounded individual.
CelesteLamberang CelesteLamberang 5 years
I'm so amused by this smart pretty girl! :) Do you want to be your own boss and earn $68/hour with only your laptop in the comfort of your homes? For this rare opportunity, visit
ElizabethLarlhamOala ElizabethLarlhamOala 5 years
What really bothers me are the things that I think should be gender neutral, like kitchen stuff, and it's ALL pink. My son LOVES to cook. He's 5, he wanted a toy cash register for his b-day, and the only one I could find was bright pink, and had little girls all over it, with one TINY picture of a boy playing with it. He didn't mind the color, but the fact that they seem to think that only girls would want to play with these items bothers me.
JessiSkorepa JessiSkorepa 5 years
I like that Dad was in the background telling her that she could buy either one if she wanted though. Just because they make the pink stuff doesn't mean the girls HAVE to buy it. Girls are allowed to buy super heroes and legos and lincoln logs, etc...However, people need to get over the fact that some girls just flat out like pink! And that's okay too. I think people read wayyyyy too much into the supposed gender influence and politically correct bs!
CoMMember13631153510527 CoMMember13631153510527 5 years
meh. girls don't HAVE to buy the pink stuff. my daughter just happens to like the princesses and barbies, but she also likes to watch football.
Ashleigh93076 Ashleigh93076 5 years
this is soooo cute! she listens to her parents conversations alot. SMART kid!
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