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Real Mom Gift Guide: All Rebecca Campora of 7 A.M. Enfant Wants For the Holidays Is . . .

Dec 18 2012 - 3:16am

Rebecca Campora loves good design. Add some fashion to the mix, and she's in heaven. That's how she came to design 7 A.M. Enfant's [1] signature products, Le Sac Igloo and Blanket212 Evolution. The stroller buntings were the first to merge fashion and function, adding urban style to something as universal as the stroller blanket. The mom of three has an uncanny ability to predict baby and parenting trends and applies that sense to her products — have you seen the Polar Igloo WarMMuffs [2] she designed for this Winter? They're genius!

Knowing Rebecca's love for form, function, and tasteful products, we assumed she had a few fun things on her holiday wish list year. Turns out we were right. Keep reading for the French native's (she now lives in NYC) eclectic picks this holiday season.

Staedtler Mars 100HB Lumograph Pencil

A French native, Rebecca would love to restock her supply of "my favorite HB pencils [3]. Memories, lifetime companion, beautiful gray texture."

Paul Cocksedge Invisible Bookend

A book and design lover, Rebecca has her eye on Paul Cocksedge's Invisible Bookend [4]. It's "humoristic, interesting, original, [and] invisible!"

Maruni Hiroshima Chair

For her living room, Rebecca likes Maruni's "classic, pure, natural, and simple" Hiroshima Chair [5].

Niels Datema Bread Spoons

Niels Datema's Bread Spoons [6] provide the exact measurements of ingredients needed to bake the perfect loaf of bread; every spoon is designed for just one ingredient. Rebeca likes them because they're "calm [and] organic white."

Gopro Hero03

Also on Rebecca's list is the Gopro Hero03 [7], a high-definition video camera that attaches to helmets to record fast action sequences.

A Weekend in a Tree Tent

What could be more fun than spending a weekend suspended in the trees with your kids? Recca would like to spend one weekend in a Luminair tree tent [8], camping and enjoying the outdoors while above the ground.

Le Cuistot Fondue Set

Rebecca's preparing for some family fun with Le Cuistot's fondue set [9]

A Weekend of Musicals in London With My Children

London's West End is packed with kid-friendly musicals these days, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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