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Advice on Best Way to Soothe Teething Pain For Baby

Lil Community: Advice For a New Mom on Teething Relief

Motherhood can be a mind-boggler! Beaner submitted this question in our The Mommy Club group.

My little one is just about 5 1/2 months old and has been really uncomfortable from teething. She claws at her mouth, chews on her fingers and sobs about her pain. I've tried just about every teether you can buy, with Sophie being the only one that helps, but she'll only gum on it for a few minutes before wailing. I also gave her a frozen washcloth but it was too cold for her little mouth. Today I tried a little Baby Orajel, but she had this weird reaction of falling asleep soon after taking it, so I feel nervous using it (plus I've read about the horror stories of babies who stop breathing). Any suggestions?'

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