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Age of a Mother

Young and Naive or Older and Wiser?

In this month's Glamour, Naomi Watts dishes on the pros and cons of being an "older" mother.

In the article, the 39–year–old actress talks about giving six–month–old Alexander (aka Sasha) a sibling down the road.

When asked about waiting until later in life to start her family, Naomi said:

"Well, for one thing, picking him up off of the ground 20 times is different when you hear your knees cracking! From an intellectual point of view, you’ve had a lot of time to do research and figure out how you want to raise him."

The mama also pointed out the advantages of early motherhood. She said:

"But there is also something to be said about having a child in your early twenties, when you’re just operating on instinct."

If you had it your way would you choose to be a younger or older mum?


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