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Amy Atlas's Tips For a Spooktacular Halloween Dessert Table

Oct 13 2010 - 3:00pm

There are sweet buffets and then there are Amy Atlas [1] dessert tables. From monochromatic themes of confections and flowers to old-time candy shoppe displays, the New York event planner's confectionery displays have caught the eye of everyone from Martha Stewart [2] to modern homemakers. Amy recently gave me some tips for hosting the ultimate Halloween [3] fete and how to involve children in the process. It's party time!

All photos courtesy of: Amy Atlas Events [4]

1. Determine your party theme.

Start thinking about your Halloween [5] décor, from the color palette (are you sticking with the traditional orange and black palette, or going for a more modern one?) to the level of fright (will it be filled with scary skeletons and goblins, or will cute ghosts and pumpkins be used?) as soon as possible.

2. Start planning your menu early.

Speak to the parents of the children you are inviting to determine any food allergies you need to be aware of when planning out your menu. To be safe, stay away from any foods containing nuts (meaning no Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – Amy’s all-time favorite).

Amy created this nut-free Halloween [6] party menu exclusively for LilSugar!

3. Limit the number of desserts and candy.

Six to eight sweet items should suffice – anything more is overwhelming for kids. "I would have a nice mix of homemade and store-bought desserts and candies. Cute little cookies, ghost cookies, maybe pumpkin-shaped cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. Cupcakes that say ‘boo’ on them, pop ups on them. Fill [the table] up with lots of orange, black and white candies – M&Ms, jelly beans, pumpkin shaped candies, and lots of spooktacular desserts!"

4. Make the table accessible to kids.

Use plastic containers instead of glass. Make sure your containers are low enough for kids to reach into with scoops. "Create some height on your table so it can look really cute. Maybe put big containers filled with candy in the back of the table and in the front have vessels with cookies and cupcakes. You don’t want to overwhelm kids with too much."

5. Involve your own kids in the decorating.

"I have two young boys and I include them in on the decorating with everything, whether it’s a cute little garland on the dessert table, or a sign for the door to welcome the guests. I would encourage moms to include their kids every step of the way. Let them help with the design – maybe not own it, but help with it! Whether it’s the invitations or the doorway, lining up cute little pumpkins as the guests arrive, or helping with creating goody bags."

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