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The Anti-Tiger Mother

OnSugar Blog: Bad Mommy

Lots of moms like to think out loud and trixie360 is one of them. In her latest post to her Nice Mommy, Mean Mommy blog, she takes on Amy Chua's Tiger Mom.

These are my confessions.

  1. When Kid 1 was 3 years old, his favorite movie was Jaws.
  2. Kid 2 wouldn't eat vegetables for the first five years of her life. And I didn't make her eat them.
  3. I give Kid 3 too many cookies because she does a cute happy dance when she sees me taking it out of the package. Note: all other "coo-coos" are inferior to Tim Tams.
  4. I accepted my husband's marriage proposal before Kids 1 and 2 had met him. Luckily they adore him.
  5. Even though I vowed not to, when Kid 3 needs something I completely tune out the teenagers...even if they're in the middle of a sentence.
  6. Some days I'm just too tired to fight the "my tummy hurts can I stay home from school" battle, and let her stay home.
  7. I haven't taken the baby to the dentist yet. (She's 19 months old)
  8. I swear like a sailor. Apparently you're not supposed to do this in front of kids. Kid 1 curses, Kid 2 does not. I swore I heard Kid 3 say "shit" the other day.
  9. I'm a slob. After work, dinner, etc. I have approximately 90 minutes to hang out with the kids before the little one goes to bed. I don't spend it doing housework.
  10.  I'm not a Tiger Mother. Kid 1 is smart enough for an Ivy League college. If I'd pushed him harder maybe he'd be at Harvard instead of Bellevue College. Kid 2 is an amazingly fast runner. I should have forced her to do track. Hopefully Kid 3 will not have to bear the brunt of my regrets with the first two.

Still, my kids are all pretty good. A bit lazy, yes. Sometimes they lie to me. But so far none of them have been brought home by the cops, gotten pregnant or impregnated anyone, and 1 out of 3 has graduated high school.

So perhaps I'm not that bad.

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