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Baby Falls Onto the Train Tracks and Survives

Has Your Child Ever Had a Close Call?

An Australian mom had the scare of her life recently when her stroller, which was holding her 6-month old baby, rolled off a platform onto train tracks and was hit by an oncoming train. Miraculously, the baby was not hurt and only ended up with a bump on his head. The accident took no more than a few seconds, but it leaves an image that will last a lifetime. Most every mother has had a close call that makes her heart jump to her throat: losing a lil one at the mall, jumping in after a sinking child in the pool, or dislodging a hot dog from a toddler's throat.

Fortunately the train accident is rare and provides another reminder that parents can never be too careful. Despite your best efforts, has your child ever had a close call?

The footage of the train event is difficult to see (even knowing that the baby was not injured) but if you want to watch it, just


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