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Illegal Baby Names From Around the World

What's really in a name? In some countries it's more than you think. Selecting your little one's moniker is never easy, but doing so when there are government-imposed guidelines can make it an even more daunting task. A city in Mexico released a list of 61 banned names [1] this week, which included Facebook and Hitler, and New Zealand made news when it released a list of banned baby names [2] not too long ago.

While some parents use their religion [3] as a guide, others use places they love [4] or movies [5] to narrow the field. But unique names [6] aren't welcome in all corners of the world. Some are to be expected (Lucifer and Martian), others may be a bit of a surprise, so take this quiz to see which countries have banned certain names.

Source: Flickr user kaatjevervoort [7]

Illegal Baby Names From Around the World

In which country is it illegal to name your child Monkey?


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