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Inventor Dads: 8 Fathers Changing the Way We Raise Our Kids

Jun 17 2011 - 5:26am

Let's hear it for the dads! The days of dear old dad staying out of the nursery are a thing of the past — today's pops are redesigning the baby's room, bottle, and more. With more fathers taking on child-rearing responsibilities, they're upgrading lil one's gear with some touches that both moms and dads can appreciate. Just in time for Father's Day [1], meet the men who are making baby-raising healthier, easier, and more stylish than ever.

David Netto – Maclaren

Are you tucking your tot into a David Netto crib with Maclaren bedding? The dad of two gives parents "what they never knew they wanted" [2] in their baby's nursery with contemporary furniture and a bright new textiles collection.

Itzbeen – Greg Sheldon

Sleep deprivation led engineer and new dad Greg Sheldon to create Itzbeen [3]. The baby-care timer displays how long it has been since the last changing, feeding, nap, etc.

Tote-a-Tot – Doug Bacon

An overloaded trip through an airport en route to a family vacation in Hawaii led Doug Bacon to create Tote-a-Tot [4], a system that secures car seats to rolling luggage bags. Simply attach the car seat to the suitcase and it instantly becomes a stroller to pull tots to their gate of departure.

DadGear – Scott Shoemaker & John Brosseau

When new dads Scott Shoemaker and John Brosseau found themselves commiserating about all of the baby gear they'd collected, they decided it was high time to create something they wanted to carry themselves. The result was DadGear [5], a line of diaper bags and fleece vests that helps fathers avoid carrying mama's feminine totes.

Muu – Robert Kwak

Nurseries aren't just unicorns and rainbows for Robert Kwak, they're more cherry blossoms and boom boxes. The woodworker and father of two came up with the concept for Muu (pronounced Moo), his modern sustainable furniture company [6], as an expectant parent.

Sprig Toys – Justin Discoe, Chris Clemmer, and Dave Bowen

Toymakers who were making toys for other companies found themselves inspired by the energy of one of their sons. Rather than use batteries to power toys, harness the energy of kids to make toys go. The resulting company, Sprig Toys [7], uses tot-power to move toys, and recycled plastic and sawdust to create the toys' eco-friendly materials.

Ron Vigdor – BornFree

Ron Vigdor's two sons were already out of diapers when he created BornFree bottles, but he wanted to give fellow parents a safe way to feed their babies. The real estate and high-tech entrepreneur "saw a way to do good and have a viable business" after watching an early 2006 news report about toxins. His company put the first Bisphenol-A-free bottle [8] on the market.

Ella's Kitchen – Paul Lindley

Did you ever picture a British man making your baby's food? Paul Lindley's pouches of organic purees [9] have become a staple in many families' cupboards. The founder of Ella's Kitchen is also the father of two.

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