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Baby Shower Bites: 16 Great Nibbles and Noshes

Apr 21 2014 - 4:33am

Since baby showers are frequently held in the midafternoon, your food offerings needn't be extensive or even a complete meal. Instead, focus on fun, easy-to-mingle-with finger foods that guests can enjoy at their leisure. Here, 16 fun ideas for making your shower offerings extraspecial. Don't forget the mocktails [1]!

Everything's Better on a Stick

Put your toothpicks to the test [2] and see how many apps, salads, and sweets you can turn into finger food!

Source: Lauren Hendrickson

A Breakfast Bar

While a grown-up brunch may be the more expected meal of choice, a nostalgic breakfast bar is such a fun alternative. Think back to kiddie favorites (those little cartons of milk, oatmeal bars, whole apples), and put a sophisticated spin on their presentation.

Source: Craig and Whitney [3]

Pay Homage to the Family Tree

Celebrate the heritage of the little one on the way by serving food inspired by mom's and dad's backgrounds or ethnicities [4].

Source: Rebecca Watkins for Pure Joy Events [5]

Mocktails For Moms-to-Be

With mocktails as creative as these [6], none of your guests will miss the alcohol. Cheers!

Source: Foodie With Family [7]

Trend Spotting: Petite Pies

First there were cupcakes, then there were cake pops, and now minipies [8] seem to be the hottest trend in party food. Serve up savory or sweet little pies for an all-American treat.

Source: Peas & Thank Yous [9]

Takeout — to Stay

The inspiration may come from your favorite Chinese takeout joint, but white takeout containers [10] can hold any kind of cuisine. Personalize them with custom labels.

Source: Wiley Valentine [11]

A Lightened-Up Potato Bar

Mini potato skins [12] can be prepared ahead of time or scooped and served alongside a toppings bar so guests can make their own.

Source: Lauren Hendrickson

She's About to Pop!

A popcorn bar [13] makes for fun grab-and-go party food.

Source: Le Partie Sugar [14]

Tea For Two

Ditch the trends for tradition, and serve up old-fashioned tea sandwiches [15] — perfect for a light midafternoon meal.

Source: Nancy Einhart

A Tongue-in-Cheek Treat

Give a nod to that old pregnancy-craving standby of pickles and ice cream [16] with a questionable but cute treat!

Source: Karson Butler Events [17]

Milk and Cookie Shots

Shots at a baby shower? If they're Dominique Ansel's much-talked-about milk and cookie shots [18], then absolutely! It may take a little extra effort on the part of the hostess, but your guests will be talking about this one for months to come.

Source: Instagram user dominiqueansel [19]

A Modern Take on the Tea Bar

This isn't your grandma's tea party. Set up a stylish tea bar with a variety of blends for your guests to choose from. Borrow an array of porcelain mugs from friends and family for an instant conversation starter.

Source: Wiley Valentine [20]

A Craving Station

Put together a "craving station" where guests can rank the order of the items they think the mom-to-be will crave the most. Be sure to strike a reasonable balance between the humorous and foods that your guests will actually want to eat!

Source: Karson Butler Events [21]

A Dressed-Up Picnic

Picnic food lends itself so well to a crowd. Serve it up stylishly, and provide each guest with a printed menu for an elegant twist.

Source: Glitter Guide [22]

Mamma Mia!

Cookie cutters aren't just for cookies! Trim tea sandwiches into shower-appropriate shapes [23] — how great is the pregnant mama?!

Find New Uses For Muffin-Tin Liners

Muffin- or cupcake-tin liners can accommodate more than just sweet treats! Fill them with fruit for a healthy, party-friendly snack [24] or whip up a savory concoction [25].

Source: Sara Westbrook Photography [26]

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