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5 Ways to Celebrate a Second, Third, or Fourth Baby

Apr 17 2013 - 12:08pm

When a close friend or family member is expecting her second (or third, or fourth) baby, the issue often arises of how to celebrate the pending arrival, and repeat mama, in an appropriate way. Since throwing multiple traditional baby showers for the same person within a couple years of each other can seem repetitive, we've come up with five fun ways to celebrate the very special expectant family, without her friends saying, "Didn't we do this already?!"

Pamper Her

If she's got a baby in her belly, and another one or two running around, chances are, your friend would appreciate a spa day more than onesies and a new baby sling. Make it all about her, and indulge in a day of pampering, relaxation, and girl talk.

Throw a Long-Distance Baby Shower

As families grow; friends move about the country; and schedules become increasingly busy, gathering a group in one place for a new baby celebration becomes more and more of a challenge. Instead, borrow this adorable idea from Annie Campbell of Après Fete and throw the mom-to-be a Baby Shower in a Box [1].

Source: Après Fete [2]

Host a Mocktail Party

Give your favorite repeat mama-to-be a reason to put on her favorite (maternity) cocktail dress and lipstick, and host a mocktail party [3]. Skip the usual ceremony of your typical baby shower and instead focus on good food, good (non-alcoholic) drinks, and great company!

A Couples Night Out

Hiring a babysitter for toddlers, older babies, or big kids is no big deal. Handing over a newborn, on the other hand? A bit more complicated. Since after the baby arrives, it may be a little while before the new parents enjoy a night out on the town, treat both the mom and dad-to-be (again) to a fun dinner with friends.

Throw a "Sprinkle"

Downgrade the forecast for your traditional baby shower to a "sprinkle," and simplify the components of your soiree. Invite just a few close friends and family, keep the menu light and easy, and chip in on one substantial gift or even a treat for the mom-to-be instead of a massive stack of baby gear.

Source: Lisa Storms [4]

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