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Baby Wellness: Dapple Toy Cleaner

Baby Wellness: Dapple Toy Cleaner

You wash your tot's hands frequently in hopes of preventing the tiniest of cold and flu germs from entering her body, but what do you do when her friend comes over with a runny nose, little cough and dirty fingers? Though her mom may wipe her nose incessantly, be sure to clean the toys they played with soon after the playdate ends.

While some mothers opt for an old fashion scrub down in diluted bleach, others look for more natural cleansing solutions. Dapple Toy Cleaner Wipes ($8) are made from fruit extracts and baking soda, meaning that no harsh chemicals are left on the surface of the toys when you are done. Phthalate, paraben, SLES and dye-free, the wipes are biodegradable and convenient to use.

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