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Splish Splash: 9 Crafts to Take to the Tub

Jan 21 2016 - 3:13pm

Have your kids surpassed the days of being satisfied by plastic squirters and rubber duckies? Kick up tub time a notch with these nine fun crafts and projects. From a rainbow full of bubbles to turning bath time into a full-on disco party, check out some of our favorite ways to make scrub-a-dub-dubbing an adventure!

Source: Thinkstock [1]

ABC Pop-Up Sponges

For a tub-time project that requires minimal effort for awesome results, check out Martha Stewart [2]'s tutorial for pop-up alphabet sponges [3].

Source: Martha Stewart Living [4]

Shaving Cream Paint

Fun to make, fun to play with, and easy to clean up, shaving cream paint [5] lets your pint-sized Picassos create their masterworks in the comfort of the bathtub. A muffin tin makes the perfect palette.

Source: Flickr user Sean Nash [6]

Bathtub Disco!

Not so much a craft as an easy trip to the dollar store, tossing a bunch of glow sticks or necklaces into the tub will literally light up bath time!

Source: Dirt and Boogers [7]

Shark Mittens

Take a trip under the sea with A Night Owl Blog's shark mittens [8] — they'll make the most fun puppet washcloths for your kiddos. If you don't have blue mittens, don't worry! Sharks can come in all colors and patterns.

Source: A Night Owl Blog [9]

Puffy Bathtub Paint

It takes just three ingredients (and a little bit of elbow grease with your cheese grater) to make this puffy bathtub paint [10]. Check out the full tutorial over at Chalk in My Pocket.

Source: Chalk in My Pocket [11]

Rainbow Bubble Bath

What kid wouldn't love the surprise of running in for bath time to discover a rainbow in their tub [12]?! Up the ante by following Growing a Jeweled Rose's idea of adding a "pot of gold" to the bottom of the tub, too.

Source: Growing a Jeweled Rose [13]

Ivory Soap Bath Crayons

Go ahead, let them scribble all over the tub and tile. These ivory soap bath crayons [14] are easy and fun to make (and perhaps more importantly, to clean up!)

Source: Kiboomu Kids Crafts [15]

DIY Bubble Bath

Skip the bath aisle on your next trip to Target or the drugstore, and instead make your own bubble bath [16] with ingredients you're almost guaranteed to have on hand at home.

Bath-Time Baby Doll

For little babes, transform a few washcloths into a DIY [17] octopus toy [18] for tub time!

Source: Spoonful [19]

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