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Bearer of Bad News

babysugar Diaries: Debbie Downer Couldn't Help Herself

Yesterday was a perfect San Francisco morning. The sun was out offering more warmth than usual. It seemed I was due for a pretty good day until Debbie Downer sat down next to me. She and friend, who seemed chipper weren't. I endured an hour long dialog of her divulging all sorts of horrific baby stories and tales of other health issues.

I tried my best to turn my ear from the conversation, but could hardly avoid it, as they were two feet away. Among the tragic stories she discussed: an eight-month-old twin who suffocated while sleeping with his parents, a child who severed her wrist at a playground, a nasty custody battle, and gout! Maybe I am extra sensitive to such topics as a mother — a pregnant one at that. After she made it through her list of "must tell" tales, she relieved me by leaving the cafe.

Some of those stories are good to hear — parents can learn lessons from other's mistakes. But, one after another was just too much to bear.

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