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The Benefits of Having a Big Family

Jul 8 2014 - 1:17am

It's something every couple discusses, be it during their first date or their first year of marriage: how many children you want to have. Some people have a solid number, but others aren't as set. Sure, two, three, or more kids sounds great, but one is arguably easier. While we wouldn't want any parent to take on more than they can handle, there are definitely some perks to having more than one child. And not just for the kids [1], but for you and your partner as well. If you're wondering whether a big family is right for you, this list may help you make a decision.

Source: ABC [2]

You don't have to plan playdates.

With so many kids in the house, your little ones can find a playmate without you having to drive them somewhere.

Source: Flickr user fabulousphotosbybrittany [3]

You can use up all those baby names.

Got a long list of potential baby names [4]? None of them will go to waste if you have more kids.

Source: Flickr user jz909 [5]

You save money thanks to hand-me-downs.

While there are some things you shouldn't pass down between kids [6], clothes are more than OK!

Source: Flickr user dansays [7]

The kids learn to share.

It's not just toys tots learn to share. They also learn how to split TV time, the last cookie, and time with Mom.

Source: Flickr user criminalintent [8]

You earn some sweet discounts.

Who says you can't go out with a ton of kids? Museums, movies, and amusement parks offer discounts for large groups.

Source: Flickr user celinesphotographer [9]

You have extra help around the house.

No matter how old your children are, they can easily lend a hand [10] when it comes to chores.

Source: Flickr user jeremyhiebert [11]

You get a built-in babysitter.

Depending on the age difference, your kids can care for each other — and you don't have to pay them!

Source: Flickr user worldbank [12]

You postpone empty-nest syndrome.

When kids leave the house, parents go on an emotional roller-coaster ride. But you can put this off if you have more kids!

Source: Flickr user michaelcomeau [13]

Your kids experience more laughter and love.

While they get plenty of love from you and your partner, kids can always benefit from some sibling affection.

Source: Flickr user rnugraha [14]

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