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XiomaraFernandez1377551715 XiomaraFernandez1377551715 2 years
@JamieCrossan you have to click on the picture. I did it on my android phone...if it doesn't work for ipad it must be a flash thing.
JamieCrossan JamieCrossan 2 years
What r the names of these apps? The pics don't really tell u!
XiomaraFernandez1377551715 XiomaraFernandez1377551715 2 years
My 4 year old has both systems. Android and Apple. I'm an android fan. In my opinion Apple is great for kids...much cleaner and smoother apps. I invested in my son's education by buying my little 4 year old an iPad mini. I'm not into tablets but he is. I'm into android phones. The apps I pay for on Apple are great. A lot of stuff on android are free but I got tired of some apps not available on android. The Apple educational apps are much more smoother. You can save up money for an iPad mini. I did. Apple it's great for kids. I don't like it for me and what I want to do. My son is in preschool and all the kids have their own assigned iPods, Mac books, and I transitioned him to Apple. Best decision I made!
InshaKhan InshaKhan 2 years
This article is a joke, unless you're one of those who is rich enough to afford an Apple device ... although the intro to the article SAYS that it features links from the Google Play Store (for Android devices) and from the App Store (for Apple devices) - there are only a couple links in this entire article that are for the Google Play Store - and what's sad is that there ARE more than a couple of the apps in this article that are offered in BOTH app stores, yet the article only gives the link for APPLE'S app for most of them. Apple device owners ... wise up - say all you want that iTunes has more apps than Google Play - but if you look, you'll see that the SAME apps in both stores will cost real money for Apple owners, and free (or less) for Android owners. Why? Because Apple's research has shown that Apple owners are more likely to pay for apps ... lol ... NOT bc Apple is better or that the apps are better ... but bc YOU Apple owners are more likely to PAY for something that is less or free on a different platform (and one that is less expensive, yet the same or (most likely) higher quality than what you have) ... ridiculous PopSugar!!
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