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Pick Your Style: A Baby Sleep Books Parenting Guide

Oct 9 2012 - 11:07am

We know new parents don't get tons of sleep. Between getting the hang of changing diapers and mastering how to calm a crying baby, moms don't have much time for researching the best baby sleep books. Ranging from hands-on to hands-off, there's a book out there for everyone, so we've rounded up helpful guides to fit any mama's personality. From the mom who loves to follow schedules to ones who are serious nurturers, these books provide tips and suggestions from experts, many of whom are parents themselves!

For the Scheduler

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child [1] ($16) shares with parents how to schedule sleep times, ensuring your babe doesn't become overtired, making taking naps and falling asleep easier. By Dr. Marc Weissbluth, a distinguished pediatrician and father of his own four little ones, the book emphasizes the importance of nap schedules and shares common mistakes parents make, which can cause sleep times to be challenging.

For the Nurturer

If you're always there to comfort your friends and family, then The No-Cry Sleep Solution [2] ($17) is the baby sleep book for you. It focuses on your baby's sleep patterns, nurturing your babe to sleep without the help of breastfeeding or pacifiers, and a tear-free customized sleep plan that works for you and your babe.

For the Trend Setter

Psychotherapists and sleep specialists to the stars of Hollywood, Jennifer Waldburger and Jill Spivack share their trend-setting tips in The Sleepeasy Solution [3] ($15) on how to get your babe to sleep even when you are completely exhausted. From defining parents' sleep goals and the emotional needs of both parents and child, this book helps parents create a customized sleep planner to ensure consistency for better sleeping.

For the Problem Solver

Here's a baby sleep book that claims getting your baby to sleep is as easy as flipping a switch. The Happiest Baby on the Block [4] ($15) by famed pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp details innovative and thought-provoking ideas on early infancy, proving that newborns aren't fully ready for the world at birth and sharing four principles essential to understanding newborns and improving their sleep patterns.

For the Down-to-Earth Mama

Learn how to get down to your newborn's level and understand her every coo, cry, and whimper. From claimed baby whisperer Tracy Hogg, Secrets of the Baby Whisperer [5] ($15) shares ways to calmly communicate with your baby, connecting and learning more about her patterns and needs while sticking to a schedule that promotes healthy sleep.

For the Planner

Get out the calendar and mark the date. The Baby Sleeps Tonight [6] ($13) by Shari Mezrah solves baby sleep problems in nine weeks. By following the step-by-step directions and suggestions in her book, your family will be on their way to better nights, even with a newborn at home.

For the Well-Informed Mama

Along with offering insights on how to prepare for the birth of baby to how to soothe a crying newborn, The New Contented Little Baby Book [7] ($22) offers ideas for understanding your baby's sleep and creating a soothing environment for your new sweetie.

For the No-Nonsense Mama

Get everything you need in this quick read. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sleep Training for Your Child [8] ($6) is written by two doctors and includes everything you need to know for sleep training your child — without any fuss or muss.

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