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Best of 2010: The Biggest Baby and Parenting Headlines

Dec 31 2010 - 1:05am

Parenting and baby news made national headlines this year. While celebrity pregnancies and births kept us gossiping, there were a lot of medical and social issues that became major stories in 2010. Here's our look back!

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Childhood obesity is a problem in America. When Jamie Oliver [1] launched his Food Revolution [2] to a small town in West Virginia, mamas all over the country got an education about eating healthy and the importance of fresh foods for kids.

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Healthcare Reform

A hot topic on the 2008 campaign trail, healthcare reform became a reality in March with the nation’s youngest citizens becoming one of the biggest beneficiaries of the bill. Among the benefits tots received [4] were medical coverage despite preexisting health conditions and insurance-paid preventive services such as vaccines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.

Rise in Home Births

For the first time in 15 years, home births are on the rise [5]. With celebs like Gisele Bundchen and Ricki Lake touting the benefits of the non-hospital deliveries, the practice got a fair amount of attention.

California Pregnancy Death Rate

Despite being the home of three of the nation's top hospitals in gynecology, the pregnancy death rate in California [6] is higher than that of Bosnia and Kuwait. Citing obesity and blood pressure issues, the statistic alarmed many of our readers.

Retraction of Study Linking Vaccines and Autism

Following 12 years of debate between doctors and researchers, the study linking the MMR vaccine to autism was retracted [7] and the doctor who wrote the paper, Andrew Wakefield, was stripped of his medical license.

CPSC Issues Baby Sling Warning

Following the deaths of babies who suffocated in baby slings, the CPSC issued a warning about the popular carriers [8]. Baby wearing mamas were reluctant to give up their hands-free products with 63 percent of LilSugar readers [9] continuing to sling their tots.

Medicine Recalls

After the start of 2010 the makers of children's and infant Tylenol issued a recall that cleared store shelves of the popular pain reliever. The recall [10] had parents scrambling to find natural ways to reduce fevers in their tots.

Drop Side Cribs Banned

After handling multiple crib recalls following the deaths of 153 babies over four years, the CPSC announced an overall ban on drop side cribs [11]. The ban, which went into effect this month, will eliminate the "V''-like gap between the mattress and side rail that has trapped lil ones.

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