Bite of Love: Pretty-In-Pink Brownie Cupcakes

Sometimes it's the simplest things that bring our children the most delight. When planning your impressive Valentine's Day dessert menu opt for the easiest, quickest sweet treat that will deliver a smile and small sugar rush in one beautiful and loving bite. I dressed up a regular brownie bite with cupcake frosting I found at the grocery store for an inexpensive, but dare I say, impressive dessert worthy of the lil (and big!) loves in my life.

To check out my guide to making these yourself,


Pretty-In-Pink Brownie Cupcakes

Pretty-In-Pink Brownie Cupcakes


1. Package of pre-made brownie bites or homemade mini brownies
2. Cupcake or cake frosting (homemade or store bought)


Dress up a simple brownie bite for an impressive dessert fit for kids.

Dress the brownie bites with fancy frosting work. Make sure to only put a little frosting so as not to overpower the brownie.

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