On a recent grocery store run, I discovered something that is bound to revolutionize my baking — cupcake frosting in a can. I normally only make my own icing, but have been on a kick of dressing up tiny brownie bites so I was up for the challenge of turning bites into mini cupcakes. And this way is just too easy for moms pinched for time. I was thrilled by how easy it was to spread, the fact that it wasn't shockingly sweet, and the cuteness of the final product.

After I made Pretty-In-Pink cupcakes with the frosting I used colorful sprinkles I had left over from the holidays to polish off the look and reaped compliments from my hard-to-please family. If you have the kitchen time to start your frosting from scratch try a simple ganache or cream cheese frosting. Want extra brownie points? Make the adults Gin and Tonic cupcakes and put a little sprinkle twist on them.

To check out my guide to making these yourself,


Sprinkle Me With Love Brownie Cupcakes

Sprinkle Me With Love Brownie Cupcakes


1. Package of pre-made brownie bites or homemade mini brownies
2. Container of cupcake or cake frosting
3. Sprinkles


Put a small swirl of cupcake (or cake) frosting on the top of your brownie bite and pepper with sprinkles.

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