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Think Small: Peter Callahan's Bite by Bite Will Have Mamas Rethinking Kids' Party Menus

Oct 10 2011 - 7:03am

Everything looks better miniature, right? That's why mamas go ga ga over baby shoes and onesies. The same thought process can easily be applied to food. Celebrity caterer and Martha Stewart [1] favorite Peter Callahan certainly thinks so. He's made a name for himself by miniaturizing everyone's favorite comfort foods into bite-sized treats that are as wonderful to look at as they are to eat.

Now he's put his 100 most popular recipes together in book form with Bite by Bite [2] ($20), a beautiful cookbook filled party planning tips and directions for creating the mini-masterpieces. I recently attended its delicious launch party, where Peter served up his favorite creations, many of which are ideally sized for kids parties. Check them out in the slideshow here, and don't miss the recipe for the amazing fluffernutters!

Mini Sugar Donuts

Kids will eat up donuts the size of a quarter!

Bite-Sized Lobster Rolls

One-inch lobster rolls are an elegant addition to the menu, and one parents will certainly appreciate!

Lil Grilled Cheese

These tiny grilled cheese sandwiches are guaranteed to be the hit of the party.

Cute S'mores

These itty-bitty s'mores remove the sticky, gooey part out of the experience.

Pigs in a Blanket — Two Ways

Peter Callahan's fun twist on pigs in a blanket offers tots and grownups their own versions of the popular party dish.

Fried Chicken and Coke

Though the caterer serves up rum and Cokes in these tiny Coke bottles, the recipe can easily revert back to the classic soda drink paired with mini fried chicken cups for a retro-fun meal.

Burger and Fries

Lil burgers and fries are a fun way to get the kids to sit down and eat a meal!

Cookies and Milkshakes

Using traditional shot glasses, these mini milkshakes are the perfect size for lil party goers.

Fish Tacos

While probably best not served at a kiddie soiree, these bite-sized fish tacos and mini margaritas would be great for mom's night out!


These scene-stealing fluffernutters [3] are easy to make and a guaranteed hit!

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