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11 Beautiful Board Books For Design-Wise Babes

Jun 7 2013 - 12:37pm

Board books are your baby's first introduction to the world of reading, so why not make sure their initiation is a beautiful one? We tracked down 11 of the best-designed board books for babies and toddlers. From BabyLit [1]'s awesome collection of classic novels made baby-friendly to books both inspired and created by midcentury and modern designers and artists like Andy Warhol and Orla Kiely, these are books that both moms and babies can get on board (wink, wink) with!

BabyLit's Sense & Sensibility

If you're a literature lover, you'll flip for BabyLit's books [2] ($10 each), which take classic novels like Sense & Sensibility, Jane Eyre, Moby Dick, and more and condense them into well-designed, age-appropriate, clever board books.

I Like Fruit

Lorena Siminovich's I Like Fruit [3] ($7) encourages babies to touch and feel. Quirky textures highlight the unique collage artworks, while the story encourages children to investigate the world around them. Also check out the other books in the Petit Collage series, including I Like Toys [4] and I Like Bugs [5].

Alexander Girard Color

Alexander Girard Color [6] ($15) uses 26 classic Girard designs that celebrate color. Little ones will love the colorful, whimsical illustrations, while design-savvy adults will love the sophisticated, retro vibe.


123's [7] ($10) comes from acclaimed author and illustrator Charley Harper, whose colorful, stylized wildlife illustrations are sure to be a new favorite. After you fall in love with this book, pick up Harper's Colors [8] and ABCs [9].

Orla Kiely Numbers

Numbers [10] ($10) incorporates designer Orla Kiely's trademark simple sophistication and includes a spread for each number from one to 10, with a numeral, a spelled-out number, and a labeled, classic Orla Kiely shape. Also pick up companion book Colors [11].

The Swing

Illustrator Julie Morstad's simply beautiful adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic poem, The Swing [12] ($9) will charm both parents and babies alike. "How do you like to go up in a swing. Up in the air so blue?"


Hippopposites [13] ($15) by Janik Coat explores opposite concepts like rough and smooth, thick and thin, and clear and blurry, and all of the pairs are illustrated by hippos!

Inch by Inch

The first of four Caldecott Honor Books by Leo Lionni, Inch by Inch [14] ($8) was originally published in 1960. The updated board book version includes bold graphics and beautiful cutout paper collages of colorful birds, foliage, and a clever green inchworm, who's proud of his ability to measure anything under the sun.

Andy Warhol's Colors

Help your kids learn their colors the hip way through Andy Warhol's Colors [15] ($7) by Susan Goldman Rubin. In Warhol's imagination, horses are purple and golden monkeys wear pink decorations on their tails. In short, children will learn that, in modern art, any color goes!

In My Tree

Full of interactive fun, In My Tree [16] ($9) lets little ones turn the pages and follow a felt puppet to find out what makes a little owl's nest so cozy. Author Sara Gillingham [17] has created a whole series of similar books, including In My Ocean and In My Jungle.

Kid Made Modern Board Book Kit

Think your older kids might be up for creating their own board book? Kid Made Modern's Board Book Kit [18] ($15) is designed to spark your little illustrator/author's imagination by providing all the supplies (stickers, markers, paper) needed to create a small book.

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