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Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me: Sore Joints

Pregnancy affects everybody differently and I mean every BODY. Some women gain 12 pounds while others gain 100 more. One lady may carry the weight in her legs but her sister holds it in the rear. Though we are thankful for our figures and what they have produced, bodies rarely go back to the condition they once were. Mommy may get her taut tummy back or her svelte legs in kickin' gear, but it often feels different than before baby's arrival.

There are two things an expectant lady can count on hurting postpartum: her vagina and boobs. The former is pushing a seven-pound life out so naturally it would endure some pain. And breastfeeding or not, the breasts are going to take a hit from engorgement. New mommies may expect that to be the only ache, but the Motrin doesn't stop there.

To see what else may need recovery,


During labor, some women's knees are placed by their ears as they push. The pressure can give the joints quite a workout that requires some ease of movement. That same forward pushing motion can also make for a sore lower back. New mothers often hunch forward as they learn the ropes of nursing which can compound the trouble. But alas, these pains will all disappear in time and mama may find her knees stronger than ever allowing her to run after that two-year-old rascal!

Got a few secrets of your own that you learned the hard way? Come dish with us on all the things your mama forgot to tell you in our Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me group over in our LilSugar community!

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luckyme luckyme 7 years
My whole body definitely hurt after labor. It is certainly called labor for a reason. The strangest side-effect I've had, though, is my ribs. I can literally feel one of my lower ribs pop in and out of place. It's uncomfortable but not painful...and then it will pop right back in after I move my body a certain way. With my first daughter, it was on my right side and with this baby, it's on my left.
schnappycat schnappycat 7 years
It surprised me how horribly sore my muscles were after delivery. Tensing up for all of the pushing made for massive muscle pain for a few days. I felt like I had just done the mother of all workouts. Crazy!
bluepuppybites bluepuppybites 7 years
My hips locked with my last one causing alot of pressure on my pubic bone. I was almost unable to walk or lay down from the pain.
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