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LilSugar Readers' Top 10 Breastfeeding Tips

Jun 14 2010 - 9:00am

As natural as breastfeeding [1] may be, it doesn't always come easy for new moms. When a pregnant LilSugar Community member asked for breastfeeding advice [2] in advance of her lil one's arrival, our readers were quick to share their favorite tips. See what LilSugar readers offered up.

Follow the Baby's Lead

Anonymous reader LouEffie suggested, "Nurse as often as the baby wants. In other words, nurse on demand. This is the best thing that you can do to establish and maintain a good supply."

Make Your Intentions Known

Starbucks [3] said, "Don't let anyone talk you into giving your baby a bottle in the first day! It's really important that you nurse a lot in the beginning to get the milk flowing. The milk will come and your baby won't starve until then. It's totally normal for them to lose a bit of weight in the first few days."

Be Patient

An anonymous reader said, "Your milk might not come in for a few days. This is fine and normal. Don't freak out! The colostrum you are feeding your baby is perfect, and as long as you keep nursing, your body will ramp up supply in no time. After that, many moms still worry if their baby is getting enough. Don't worry, as long as your baby is going through enough diapers, she is getting enough."

Be Open

MissSushi [4] reminded us that, "if it doesn't work out, don't knock yourself down. Don't obsess over it and don't get depressed about it. If you nurse at all, especially in the beginning, you are doing your absolute best to give your baby a great start."

Buy a Good Pump

An anonymous reader said, "Get the best pump you can afford. That's one piece of advice that every working mom told me, and it's totally true. Higher end pumps tend to not hurt and help you produce more milk in less time."

Find a Lactation Consultant

Baby10Boy [5] suggested, "seeing a lactation consultant first thing after the baby is born (my hospital had three and I was visited daily while I was in the hospital). Be prepared that it may not work out for you to breastfeed."

Formula Is Not Poison

Ladyalmalthea [6] said, "Formula is not poison. It will be OK if your child loses enough weight [that] they want [the baby] to supplement. Just keep getting the baby on you first, then supplement. If they get formula, it is not you being a failure. It is you doing everything in your power to care for your child. My son got a couple bottles during my stay, and was eating like a champ when I got home. Stress was a major factor for me."

Be Prepared For Emergencies

CathleenKelly [7] suggested, "have a bottle in a little cooler, if you can, for emergencies (I also carry a "working man's glass" to fill with hot water and heat the bottle. It is AWESOME for holding heat and a good size to fit the bottle, not to mention any Starbucks or other coffee place can fill it for you. They are on almost every corner where I live!)"

Gel Breast Pads Help

An anonymous reader suggested gel breast pads for soothing raw nipples. "I don't know about everyone else, but initially nursing really hurt. I got these gel things, and they were amazing. lifesavers. Seriously. I was all about the Ameda ones because they last up to six days, which made them comparatively cheaper."

Get the Right Gear

MonkiChriz [8] said, "Get nursing tanks. Nursing bras are nice but that meant my tummy was exposed and cold."

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