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CPSC Suing Nap Nanny to Force Recall of Baby Recliner (VIDEO)

CPSC Suing Nap Nanny to Force Recall of Baby Recliner (VIDEO)

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has filed a complaint against Nap Nanny after the company refused to recall their baby recliner products. The CPSC would like to force Nap Nanny to recall all items and process refunds for the ones already sold as a result of five infant deaths related to use of the product during the four years it has been on the market.

Watch the video below to find out why the CPSC is calling the Nap Nanny dangerous, and why the company insists the product is fine as is.

Read the whole story (ABC News) >>  

Would you use a product after it has been recalled?

Image Source: ABC News

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EricaFilpi EricaFilpi 4 years
You know there is not ONE product out there that is safe when not used in conjunction with COMMON SENSE. It may be called the Nap Nanny, but it's not a real nanny people. You still have to watch your child in it, strap them in, place it on a floor away from walls, and when the child starts becoming a scooter you don't use it. I would definitely use the nap nanny.
KellyTolar KellyTolar 4 years
Yes it's ridiculous that these organizations want to ban things because certain parents are idiots!! Just like the tylonel and ibprophin recalls a few years back. If you don't read the directions or follow your dr recommendations and you overdose your child does not mean all parents do that. I know that I follow directions and my kids are fine.... To me it seems like common sense that a nap nanny and a bumbo is for the FLOOR!!! If you put it up high and they wiggle out they will fall and be injured!!! All these dumb ass parents who don't think or read directions ruin it for everyone else!!!! Come on!!!! Quit trying to blame your mistake on someone else or the company!! It's nobody else's fault but your poor decisions!!!!
NicoleXanders NicoleXanders 4 years
I agree... my son loves this product and he probably didn't get hurt because I placed it on the floor and strapped him in... I didn't leave him inIt elevated and walk away... bonehead parents... ruining it for everyone else...
CoMMember13631166098074 CoMMember13631166098074 4 years
yeah i dont see why parents cant just do as their told, and why they think things will never happen to them i see that you only use that thing for the floor not the crib or the table ect why blame the company for the parents dumb asses haha
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