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Celeb Families Show Off Their Patriotic Sides

Jul 5 2011 - 8:16am

Celebs fired up their grills, headed poolside, and decked their tots out in red, white, and blue for their Fourth of July celebrations yesterday. Like many of us, Hollywood's moms and dads spent the day with their lil firecrackers, celebrating the nation's birthday at local parades, carnivals, and beaches. Take a look at how these celeb families spent the big day.

The Afflecks

Ben Affleck [1] and Jennifer Garner [2] took their red, white, and blue dressed girls to an Independence Day parade in Brentwood Monday.

Soleil Moon Frye

Soleil Moon Frye spent the day with family on the beach, sharing this photo of herself with her brother Meeno and tweeting [3], "Me my big bro and my hard core 4th of July sun burn on my neck. Ouch!"

Source: moonfrye.com [4]

Alyssa Milano

The expectant mama spent her Independence day on a date with her husband, tweeting [5], "My hubby is taking me out on a date!"

Source: Posterous User alyssamilano [6]

Jessica Alba

A gourmet backyard barbecue was the perfect way to spend the holiday for Jessica Alba [7], Cash Warren, and lil Honor. The expectant mama showed off this picture with her host [8] via Twitter.

Source: YFrog User JessicaAlba [9]

Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa [10] took her family to a local Fourth of July carnival to celebrate our independence. She showed off her son's prize from the festivities, tweeting [11], "Look who Joaquin won at the carnival. Meet Bruce."

Source: Lockerz User Kelly Ripa [12]

Tori Spelling

Like many of us, Tori Spelling [13] took her kids to the beach for some sun and snacks yesterday. The reality star tweeted [14], "Loving the beach on 4th of July!"

Source: Lockerz User Tori Spelling [15]

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