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Celebrities in Kid-Friendly Films

Which Parent Actors Are Making Kid-Friendly Movies Now?

Lights, camera, kid-friendly action! After becoming parents, some of our favorite actors put Oscar-worthy scripts on hold and selected more G-rated projects that their children could view. See if you can identify the celebrities that have moved into the animated and family movie arena.

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Which funny man, who recently announced that he is about to become a grandfather, will be starring in a remake of the holiday classic A Christmas Carol?

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Which father of two incorporated his humor into his animated features?

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Which A-list father will take a break from action films next month with his first venture into the world of animated movies?

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Which father of two toned down his image when he took on the role of Alex the lion?

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Which funny man, and father of two daughters, had to tame his language when he moved into the children's genre of films?

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After bringing a video game character to life before having kids, which mama scored points with her children when she moved into the world of animated movies?

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Which proud pop's kids will likely watch his animated films before seeing their dad in the Great White Way?

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Which dad expanded his resume to include children's fare with a Disney film?

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Which father will likely have his child watch his animated role before being allowed to watch his controversial films?

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