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Chasing the Dream of Having Children

Sometimes the shrieking, colic, and sleepless nights cause us to forget how lucky we are to be parents. How bad can a temper tantrum really be when you have a child to hold? Like many moms, I took my pregnancies for granted, accumulating a stack of ultrasound shots and occasionally complaining about heartburn and swollen ankles. But some women clinging to the idea of motherhood would welcome those ailments.

A recent New York Times story focuses on the 10 percent of couples that have trouble conceiving. The aspiring parents that exhaust their emotions, finances, even their marriages hoping to hold a baby of their own. The bleak truth is that those who aren't successful and open to adoption have to face life without offspring. It said:

It is unclear how many women are involuntarily childless. The stigma attached to infertility and living without children pressures many women to remain silent about their struggles, Mrs. Tsigdinos said, adding, “It’s not something you want to drop into conversation at a cocktail party.”

For a women who grew up pushing doll strollers, babysitting, and picking out names for their future children, relinquishing the dream may seem impossible despite scientific reality. It said:

Infertility treatment can be so all-consuming that many women keep trying long after the odds become prohibitive. Those who can accept the possibility that no treatment in the world will allow them to become pregnant may face the best chance of learning to accept a childless life.

So the next time your lil one tries your patience, think about the women who wish they could be in your position.

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