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Child's School Bus Violence Leads to 4 Felony Charges

Child's School Bus Violence Leads to 4 Felony Charges

Child's School Bus Violence Leads to 4 Felony Charges

If your child got extremely out-of-control in public, would you approve of the police arresting him or her?

As the Daily Mail reports, a 9-year-old Florida girl was arrested on Monday after essentially throwing a very violent temper tantrum. After being told to not eat candy on the bus, the girl proceeded to spit and curse at the bus driver, throw asphalt at the bus, throw a chair at a police officer, and resist arrest via kicking and biting. She has been charged with "battery on a school employee and a law enforcement office, as well as throwing a deadly missile into an occupied vehicle and resisting arrest."

Read the full story here (The Daily Mail)


Image Source: via Daily Mail

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CoMMember13631158183376 CoMMember13631158183376 5 years
Hilarious! That child absolutely deserved that. I would call the police and have them charged on my own child if they behaved that badly.
sagibug sagibug 5 years
From what I understand, she is schizophrenic (sp?).
AngelitaEllison AngelitaEllison 5 years
I think they did the right thing to arrest this child. Her behavior was unacceptable and she needs to learn that there are consequences for her actions. I also think her parents need to get in trouble too. I've seen and heard of too many parents who have no idea how to raise children. I have seen parents act like children and children act like adults. Investigate the parents. Find out why the child is acting like that.
MaryFravolaHausch MaryFravolaHausch 5 years
If a child is throwing tantrums at nie years old there is something wrong with he or she. SHame on all of you who have blamed the parent. You do not know what is wrong, what they have done to help, and what is still being done. All you know is how to judge from the perspective of parent that obviously has normal kids. COunt your blessings and sh-- up!!!
KariAmbriz KariAmbriz 5 years
She needs her a$$ kicked
CoMMember13610159502298 CoMMember13610159502298 5 years
I don't know. If I have learned anything from my classes on human behaviors, I would be "do not judge." We are readers (and the police for that matter) have no idea is this child has mental problems or even emotional problems. I'm sorry, a 9-year-old? I've baby-sat plenty of 9-year-olds and they are no where near adults mentally or physically to begin with...add an abusive home (mentally or physically), or a disorder, then you may very well have a child with violent outbursts.
brent30447 brent30447 5 years
you people who are bashing this young girl need to pull your heads of of where they shouldn't be.GET A GRIP and realize that sometimes there are other factors behind actions. if you care to read the whole story and maybe find out the whole story before you post you wouldn't make yourselves look like such inconsiderate jerks. furthermore if that was my child i would be more about condemning the police for using the pepperspray on a 9 yr old.
KelliePaulsen KelliePaulsen 5 years
i do agree that childs behavior was out of control but there could be other issues that are making her act out like this and also her home life should also be look at
DeborahBennett27830 DeborahBennett27830 5 years
Children learn from their enviroment...if they are surrounded at home w attitude and in the real world is gonna be very challenging. Too bad.
StacieJ StacieJ 5 years
As a bus driver, I just wanted to clear up some obvious misconceptions. I have special needs children on my bus, but the privacy laws prohibit the school from telling me who they are, so don't assume your bus drivers know these things. Where I live, we also don't have any special training on how to deal with these kids or these types of situations. We're taught how to drive a bus, 'cause we're bus drivers, not babysitters, not psychologists, not behavior specialists, not therapists...just bus drivers.
FloWhipple FloWhipple 5 years
I would expect them to arrest my child for such behavior. But wow this kid obviously needs help maybe a better role model, discipline, love I don't know but she needs something.
CoMMember13613104237793 CoMMember13613104237793 5 years
Working in a envorioment where I see the good and the bad with kids- this kid should know better, but I also know that there are plenty of parents that will come up with a excuse such as " its only a kid" or" " they have always been like that" wich is just that- a excuse. The kid should know better and I back up the arresting. If no or little action is taken, it also sets a bad example to the other kids who see this. I would like the parents to be held accountable to a degree also and - as part of punishment- would require parenting classes, otherwise who knows what this kid is like in a few years when its "of age" - gosh- can you imagine this one as a adult?
Nikkitoumazidesgrivas Nikkitoumazidesgrivas 5 years
It makes me really sad to see how quick people are to judge. Especially on a site for moms! I feel this world is full of difficulties and the last thing we need is judgment by others. What happened to trying to help others? This child, and yes I say child because that's what she is, needs help, support, guidance and love and so does her family/guardian. @ everyone - please please spread love and peace and not anger and bitterness. You really can't imagine what some families are going through. We should thank our lucky stars that we are ok, and try to do at least one good deed every day :)
AngelaBreunis AngelaBreunis 5 years
She should be charged and helped. Obviously this is not a normal reaction and not a normal child, she needs some serious help.
WandaCaldwell9729 WandaCaldwell9729 5 years
This child needs some serious counseling! I can only imagine what the parents go through and they probably allow her to do whatever and this is why she acts the way she does.. so sad... if they don't catch the problem now she's got a bad future ahead of her.
JaeRespass JaeRespass 5 years
@Hillary Stanbury posted the full story. She is schizophrenic. Some of these comments have made me seriously disgusted. These are the people that have caused me to doubt myself or given me dirty looks when my daughter ha a meltdown. Those looks have caused me to cry myself to sleep. I am a single mother trying to raise a daughter with ADHD, Asperger's, and ODD. I do not condone this behavior but all these comments on how it must be the parents fault sickens me. I am guessing these people with the "perfect" children are the same kind of people that picked on me in school for being withdrawn not understanding the torment I went through at home. How dare you automatically assume her parents are horrible parents? I am glad you have healthy normal children who can understand when they do something wrong, but not all of us have that luxury. Some of us try our damnedest just to get by and doing the best for our children that we can. Sometimes when they have issues, there are things that are out of our control. That doesn't mean we approved or we did something wrong. It just means we struggle with more than the families with normal children. This girl needs help. Not jail time. She is just a child and I truly hope someone finds help for her family as well. You cant know the torment they go through until you have been there or similar.
JaeRespass JaeRespass 5 years
I agree that the home situation should be looked at, but it is not fair to jump to the conclusion that they are bad parents. I am the mother of a wonderful 7 yr old girl with ADHD, Asperger's, and ODD. She has been known to have violent outbursts, in public or not. Do I condone the behavior, no. The parents may be trying to deal with her the best they can and sometimes despite best intentions children can behave in horrendous ways. It is not a matter of knowing right from wrong. It may simply be a matter of understanding the world view of right and wrong versus what is right and wrong in the child's mind.
CasieWettig CasieWettig 5 years
This kid knows better then to act like this. If not then many many people have failed her.
Aaron14877904 Aaron14877904 5 years
The child is wrong but the parents are responsible! My son was recently the victim of bus stop violence & bullying. We went to the mother & she said that my son must have insulted her son once & so he deserved it. I acknowledge that my son may have made an ill placed comment at some point, but her son is twice my sons size & whatever happened to teaching your children that violence isn't the answer?! When I explained that regardless, there is a difference between words and assault, she became irate. Now I know where her son gets it from :( I suppose the only way for these children & their parents to learn is through the justice system.
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