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Christina Applegate to Choose Baby Over Treatment

Would You Risk Your Own Health For a Baby?

My dad recently asked me what I considered the most important thing in my life. I answered my family — my daughter and husband. I wasn't too surprised when he said his was his health as he's a doctor. "Mine is health because without my health, I couldn't take care of a family or exist for it," he said. I said that no matter the state of MY health, I would still wish my loved ones good fortune.

A daughter of a cancer survivor, actress Christina Applegate was diagnosed with breast cancer. A rumored report said that the 36–year–old wants a family so badly that she's willing to put off chemotherapy treatment in an effort to have a baby. I am sure there are medical advantages, if not certainties, to having a child before undergoing cancer treatments; But, I can't imagine having cancer and not wanting to rid my body of it.

Even though my dad and I disagree on our priorities, I think being a healthy and active mother to a newborn is important. If you were 36 and diagnosed with cancer, would you choose to go though therapy or pregnancy first?

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